Backup: Duplicate information for peace of mind

Your data is what makes your computer different from all others. Your data is stored in your computer's hard drive. Traditional hard drives have platters that are spun by a motor. Solid state hard drives have no moving parts. Each technology has its advantages. Traditional hard drives can store a lot of information at low cost. Solid state hard drives can operate quickly and take up less space. No matter which hard drive technology you rely upon, you should protect yourself against loss of your data. Automagic recommends that you back your information up to storage that's kept outside of your computer. If your computer malfunctions, or if you misplace or lose your computer, you can refer to your backup for the information you need.

What happens if a technical problem prevents you from getting access to information stored in your computer? Many times the concern is unrelated to the hard drive. Bring your comupter in to Automagic. After Automagic repairs your computer you may again gain access to your information.

Information stored in your computer's hard drive is erasable and can be lost. A malfunctioning computer may erase your some of your information. On occasion, the hard drive itself may malfunction, preventing further access to your information. Whether information has gone missing or the hard drive has malfunctioned, it may be time to have your computer's hard drive sent to a lab for data recovery efforts. Automagic can help identify when such action is called for, and can help remove, package and document your computer's hard drive so proper care can be provided.

If your computer's hard drive needs laboratory attention, why not have it evaluated for free? Gillware is a highly respected data recovery specialist. They commit to provide you with a list of your files that can be recovered. The data recovery process is always under your control and you can choose what, if any, information you have brought back to you. Have you experienced a hard drive malfunction? Click below to arrange for Gillware data recovery services, and bring your computer in to Automagic so its hard drive can be removed and prepared for shipment.

We are proud to be a Gillware Data Recovery Affiliate Partner
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