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Automagic has been a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider since 1988. You've made the right selection to have your Toshiba Tecra, Portégé or Satellite computer serviced at Automagic. Automagic has been servicing Toshiba data products since Toshiba introduced their first mainstream portable personal computer into the US market.

Our clients range from individuals not unlike yourself to organizations with a global presence, and all manner of companies in between. We're trusted by government and commercial organizations of all pursuits. Automagic continues to be in Beverly Hills for more than twenty years. Our clientele appreciates superlative competence and discretion. Would you like a list of some of our famous clients? Can you keep a secret? So can we.

Automagic was selected by Toshiba to be in the original group of Toshiba Premier Authorized Service Providers, the elite from among those authorized by Toshiba to perform service on Toshiba data products, and we have continuously earned and maintained this accreditation ever since.

Automagic was also established as a Toshiba Critical Care center, where even the unusual is routine.

It is not our nature to strut our stuff while the urgent needs of others go unaddressed. What difference does it make what we've done for others, anyway. What matters most is what Automagic can now do for you.

Have a look at our contact information so you can give us a call or visit. How may we be of help?

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