Add: Accessorize your Toshiba computer, server or projector

We often find people's experience with their computer can be improved with the addition of accessories. For many it's RAM for more room to juggle all active tasks. For others it's a larger hard drive to store all your music, photos and movies. Sometimes added software can address a new need, or must be used for compatibility with files provided to you by others. And sometimes it's an external accessory so you can back up files, scan information, or connect to or network with your other equipment.

Automagic provides these accessories and more, but we don't feel compelled to do so. Let us know what you're trying to do and we'll share with you how others did something similar. We put more of our efforts into keeping your computer up and running, and don't want to be perceived as trying to get you to spend when you don't have to. We don't like it when someone tries to sell us something we don't want, and we think highly enough of you to not subject you to that kind of pressure, either.

So know that we have many accessories to offer. We can make suggestions based on your expressed needs. Tell us what you are trying to do and look forward to being pleasantly informed of some options.

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